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Kim Kardashian addresses her Cellulite with Velashape

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Kim Kardashian gets treated with VelaShape
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Jennifer Aniston combats cellulite with VelaShape
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After having two babies, I found, even after getting back to the gym and eating well, that I had some very stubborn fat deposits around my midsection which wouldn't budge no matter what I tried. It also made it difficult for me to get back into my pre pregnancy wardrobe because even though the rest of my body had returned to its normal size I was feeling and looking out of proportion around my mid section. When I picked up the phone and called shrinc, I really wasn't feeling very hopeful that anything would be able to help, but after talking to the staff at shrinc I decided to give it a go - and I am so pleased I did! After the first treatment I had already lost several centimeters around my problem area and by the end of the sixth session I was amazed to find that my body was back in proportion and looking fantastic - I can now wear what I want again, and most importantly I feel really good about my body again. All of the staff members I encountered when I was at Shrinc were wonderful too - always helpful and supportive - I actually missed my weekly 'time out' there when my treatments finished. Thank you Shrinc!'

JR, Camberwell

Hi Victoria, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my sessions thus far. The results are amazing and have in all honesty have given me such a confidence boost. In particular I wanted to make a special mention of how lovely the staff are and how their attention to detail (as with the whole clinic!) has made my experience even more fantastic. I will be looking forward to more sessions and new treatments to come.

SL, Kensington

Thank you Victoria for your excellent service! I had the most delightful 1st booking... Bravo for hiring such superb staff who deliver a warm welcome and are clearly knowledgeable in the product they work with. Your therapists have impeccable customer service as I was so well informed of your services by the end of the session and was made as comfortable as one possibly could be.

CT, Brighton

I would like to take this opportunity to thank-you Victoria for all your help, care and for providing such an oustanding service so far in my treatment. Your therapists have been so wonderful and helpful. After each treatment, I'm looking forward for my next one already. Thanks again for your A+ service. I am so excited and looking foward to look good naked!!!!! (With your help of course).

LL, Footscray (post session 1)

I just wanted for you to also know how appreciative I am of you giving me the extra time to get all the treatment areas done. Thank-you very much and I am very grateful as it showed that you really look after your clients to the highest standard and are not just about money and time. Once again, thank-you for all your support and care so far in helping me achieve my goals in this treatment. Please pass on my appreciation and thanks to the team.

LL, Footscray (post session 6)

I wanted to share the great results that I have received from completing my 6 sessions with VelaShape.

I had tried everything and I mean it. From the painful Mesotherapy to wonder creams that claim to diminish cellulite.

I came across Velashape and love, love, love my results!. Although I am a size 8, I had the dreaded “orange pill” skin and fat deposits. I emphasise the past term “had” as after 6 sessions, the results are extraordinary. Not only has the “orange pill” look dissolved, but my skin feels and looks renewed and tighter.

Velashape is not just another gimmick. The wonderful staff at Shrinc Clinic (especially Victoria) are wonderful and very knowledgeable.

My only dilemma now, I trying to keep within a budget whilst buying several new bikini’s.

Velashape, is awesome, believe the hype.

MM, Ascot Vale


I'm feeling great after the first session - you both took excellent care of me and I have no bruising at all. If anything, I feel like I have lost a little fluid and have had more energy the last few days which could be just a coincidence but so far so good - no side effects and I feel good. I'm looking forward to the next session!

ED, Thornbury (post session 1)


Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I am still enjoying Ultralite and am getting great results. The first 2 days were a bit average but I wasn't nearly as hungry as I thought I'd be and I still had energy to ride my bike to work/go to gym. I'm definitely losing weight and feeling good so I look forward to this Saturday's appointment and measurements. Had a couple of people at work comment today that I'm looking good and my pants and skirts are getting more and more loose. I've lost almost 3kg which has dripped off over the last 10 days (ie it doesn't just feel like quick water loss in a few days which you tend to get with other diets) which is great weight loss for such a short time. I'm looking forward to getting the body fat calculations next time and seeing the measurements then.

I still can't get over how easy the hunger and carb cravings have been to manage. I love the homeopthic drops, I'm sure they are working ( or at least have a great placebo effect!). I feel like I will get my old body back soon and better than that, I reckon it wil be a better shape AND my sanity around food is being restored. I wish I'd come to see you earlier!

Thanks so much for all of you and your team's great service and attention thus far. The girls always takes care of me really well. I just thought you'd like to receive all of this positive feedback.

ED, Thornbury (10 days post Ultra Lite commencement)


Even though it is only a day, I can actually see some results. It is very small changes, with not much on luv handles, I'm hoping as you said maybe next time doing more on luv handles would get better results, or purely just that giving it a second go at it might stimulate more benefits. I think what I have noticed the most is that I look more in proportion even if it is just a little bit, is great news ;-) Cant wait to do this again,..even through there is some pain, at least I can see signs that you do "gain"!

PT, Colac


I have to say am very pleased indeed with my results - I've had some fluid retention this week (unrelated) and last evening I was a bit swollen after the treatment, but that's gone down today and even to my critical eye, there is a fair improvement in shape. Be interesting to see how I am after my next treatment - one could get quite addicted to it!

RJ, Melbourne

I woke up this morning…and some of me was missing :D Even my husband noticed that I am "looking good". I can still feel wobbly bits, but they just aren't as pronounced. Now i'm really looking forward to session 2!




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