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Kim Kardashian addresses her Cellulite with Velashape

Celebrity Spotlight:
Kim Kardashian gets treated with VelaShape
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Jennifer Aniston gets VelaShape

Celebrity News:
Jennifer Aniston combats cellulite with VelaShape
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Shrinc Clinic and VelaShape™ in the Media

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Jennifer Aniston Uses Plastic Surgery To Combat Cellulite -
Make Me

Jeniffer Aniston and velaShapeThe National Enquirer reports that a source tells them that after Jennifer began dating 30-year old singer John Mayer, she began spending roughly $20,000 a month on her appearance. $2,000 of that is on cellulite treatments such as Velashape that are performed by a plastic surgeon or at a spa. The friend said, “Jen is doing whatever it takes to hold back time - short of plastic surgery. Jen is insecure about her legs, so she goes for anti-cellulite spa sculpting treatments twice a month. They cost $1,000 a session, but Jen swears that the sculpting keeps her skin supple and smooth. She calls the treatments ‘necessary tune-ups.” Whatever Jennifer’s beauty regime, the cost seems to be worth it, as the former Mrs. Pitt looks better than ever.

Omarosa Tweets VelaShape, July 13, 2009
omarosa velashape
Most recognized as the sassy no-holds-barred business savvy contestant on Donald Trumps's first season of The Apprentice, Omarosa is also often referred to in the celebrity style circuit for her "no-holds-barred sense" in fashion and beauty. Follow Omarosa's VelaShape experience on

Velashape on E! Insider Weekend with Kim Kardashian
First of all, the good news — even celebrities have cellulite; we just don’t see it because they hide it with all kinds of tricks and many magazines then photoshop their pictures. Reality TV star, Kim Kardashian, has openly confessed that she has cellulite and she wanted to do something about it. On E and her reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" Kim takes us along as she tries the VelaShape cellulite reducer in a bid to smooth out her dimply derriere. “I work out all the time but I have a little cellulite,” Kim says. “It’s this big huge machine that basically gives you a massage,” she explains. “It tickles but it’s hot at the same time!”

VelaShape on The Dr. Phil Show, USA
Dr. Phil called in the help of his wife, Robin to help makeover 5 lucky viewers. These viewers worked with a Trainer, Dietitian, Stylist and 'Skin care specialist to the stars,' Janet Harris. In addition to their workout regimen, diet and Janet Harris's cellulite cream, they also underwent VelaShape treatments. VelaShape treatments helped the viewers to achieve cellulite reduction and circumferential reduction, allowing them to enjoy their new well shaped body. One of the viewers revealed that she lost a total of 10 pounds and 18 inches in only 5 weeks. Her body fat also dropped from 25 percent to 21 percent.

Herald Sun - Beauty Counter, Melbourne, January 2009

Herald Sun VelaShape

Cellulite scaring you out of your swimmers? Helps is available, writes Anna Brodie.

Orange is the hot colour of the season, but orange-peel buttocks and thighs? That's another story. Though some women are genetically blessed, cellulite is a problem faced by many, regardless of age, size or shape.

Rolls Royce Treatment: VelaShape

VelaShape, a heat, light and massage based therapy, targets stubborn fat and cellulite deposits with an applicator that looks like a dust buster, but which actually has rollers that massage problem areas.

Six treatments cost $2250.

"The fantastic thing about the treatment is that you can see it working from the first one or two sessions," Shrinc Clinic Director Victoria Fox says.

69 Flinders Lane, City Ph: 1800 74 74 62

Shop Till You Drop Magazine Australia, March 2009


"Laser is the new Lycra..."

VelaShape is a fat burning machine designed to help you get in shape, minus the sweat. Sound too good to be true? It uses laser-like technology to shrink fat cells (literally) but unlike any other fat-burning activity we've tried (spin class, anyone?) it's mostly all gain and no pain.

"The treatment involves massaging currents of heat and energy down into the skin to break down fat deposits and help reshape the body," explains Victoria Fox, owner of Shrinc Clinic in Melbourne. The hand-held machine the practitioner uses creates a strange sort of suction effect as it rolls over the skin - a bit like a vacuum cleaner, which feels pinchy at first but once you get your head around all the bells and whistles, it's just like a deep tissue massage.

"We treat everything from post-baby bellies to cankles and chins, man boobs and muffin tops, and we also see lots of fit healthy women who can't seem to shift weight or cellulite from problem areas like the outer thighs and the buttocks, and this does the trick," says Fox. Even more surprising, Fox says the number of men booking in each month is on the rise. "At first there was a boom of brides-to-be and now we've got more and more men booking in each month for double-dates with their girlfriends and partners," says Fox.

Then there's the matter of price. Whether it's a firmer tummy or more toned arms that you're after, it'll take at least four to six treatments over the course of a month and it doesn't come cheap. If you're keen to shape up, treatments at Shrinc Clinic start from around $300 per session. For more information, call 1800 747 462.

Vogue US Beauty Editor Was VelaShaped! June 2009

vogue velashapeVogue Editor Feels "Newly Taut" In Her Jeans

In an article on achieving body perfection, beauty editor Catherine Piercy explores the latest surgical and non-surgical fixes for body flaws: liposuction, injections, skin tighteners, and cellulite treatments.

"The treatment that really gets my attention, though, is VelaShape," says Piercy. She went to Dr. Anne Chapas (New York, NY) to receive VelaShape treatments "...with zero downtime and little risk...I decided this is the one I must try."

The result? There was some bruising which faded after a few days, but overall, she says "I feel tighter if not thinner, and those painstakingly precise measurements show a 2.5 cm reduction of my waist, thighs and lower back. Just enough to have me feeling newly taut in my jeans."

OK! Magazine Australia, February 2009

OK magazine velaShape

Body Special: So long cellulite - how celebs get rid of cottage cheese thighs

Cellulite doesn't discriminate, no matter how thin or how famous you are - and bikini season is when we become most painfully aware of it! Around 90 per cent of women have the dreaded 'cottage cheese' thighs - even slim girls battle with lumps in problem areas - and no amount of exercise, healthy eating or special creams alone seem to help. We did some digging to find out just what cutting edge treatments the stars are getting - and which ones really work...

VELASHAPE: This is the new version of VelaSmooth, the body contouring treatment Demi Moore was rumoured to have used as part of her full-body makeover for Charlie's Angels. According to LA-based cellulite expert Eileen Butler, who has worked on some of Hollywood's hottest thighs, it's the most proven product on the market today - Jennifer Anniston, Sharon Stone and Kim Kardashian are all fans.

Kim Kardashian's come clean about her cellulite woes - you can even go to YouTube and see her having the VelaShape treatment!

The non-invasive device combines heat, radio-frequency, vacuum pressure and mechanical rollers to heat and massage the skin, which increases circulation and metabolism of fat cells and increases lymphatic drainage. It feels a bit like you are being suctioned like a jellyfish and while the pain factor can be a little high for some, for others it can be total relaxation. The result is smoother, firmer skin, both in appearance and texture. You'll need to fork out for six sessions which will set you back around $2200. Call 1800 SHRINC to find a VelaShape centre near you.

The Meanest Cellulite Busters in the World! Grazia Magazine UK

Grazia on VelaShape Your cellulite needs to be afraid, very afraid. The latest technology has produced the strongest, meanest treatment ever. But do actually work? Grazia put them to the test...

HOW TO GRADE YOUR CELLULITE: Look in a mirror and grab a handful of your thighs and bum, to see which one you are.

GRADE 1 - I can't see any dimpling.
GRADE 2 - I can see some dimples and bumps when I pinch
GRADE 3 - I don't need to pinch - I can see lumps and bumps when I'm standing up.
GRADE 4 - I don't need to pinch - I can see my cellulite easily even when lying down.

Velashape. A minimum of six treatments are recommended.

Velashape is huge in the US, which clinical studies showing that 85 per cent of treated areas have some cellulite reduction. It uses a mixture of radio frequency, infra-red, vacuum and mechanical massage to boost circulation and collagen production.

"I keep fit and I'm a size 8, but I had a few dimples on the backs of my thighs. The treatment feels like a warmer vacuum cleaner going over your skin. After the third one, I noticed the skin was a lot smoother. After 10, the dimples were gone." Kate Hallan, 23, a model and actress from London.

"Again, I like that this is FDA-approved. It also has some compelling data to back it up. Velashape is a popular device in the US and one of the newest for cellulite."

Good Health and Medicine, January 2009
Shrinc Clinic Good Health and Medicine Cellulite

Beauty Watch: VelaShape

What is it? A non-invasive cellulite treatment

What's involved? A hand-held device emits radiofrequency and infrared light over the problem areas, whilst a vacuum action sucks up skin to manipulate the tissue

Does it hurt? It feels like a warm, deep-tissue massage

What are the results? Most people achieve noticeable results within two sessions

How much does it cost? One session costs between $300-$500 depending on the areas to be treated

Where can I get it? Call 1800 747462 or visit

The Bikini Body Breakthroughs - GLAMOUR Magazine UK

Glamour magazine Velashape

It's so unfair: supermodels munch on fries while we nibble celery sticks and still can't shift our saddlebags and cellulite. Or can we?

Velashape: Think endermologie (old-school mechanical massage) with added oomph. This is basically a body vacuum that also aims radio frequency and infrared light into the skin to stimulate circulation and encourage collagen production. Recently approved by the FDA (the US Food and Drug Administration) for safety, it's big news in America for smoothing cellulite.

Does it hurt?
"It felt like lots of hickeys" says Laura Tew, GLAMOUR's Junior Beauty Writer. "It gets very hot and bruised me slightly, but I'd have it done again."

Does it work?
You should have dramatically less cellulite and lose up to two inches in six once-weekly treatments. Laura was noticeably smoother and slimmer in just three sessions. However, the results aren't forever, so you'll need to commit to upkeep (one session six weeks later, then one per month for at least three months) or make it part of your yearly pre-holiday body prep.

Khloe Kardashian Gets VelaShape - March, 2009

VelaShape is no stranger to the Kardashian sisters. In the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians Khloe chooses the VelaShape treatment in preparation for her new PETA ad campaign. Follow Khloe's amazing journey as she shows off a more confident self as the new face of PETA.

VelaShape on The Rachael Ray Show, USA

Rachael Ray sets up the segment by stating she is always skeptical of any 'gimmicks' claiming to reduce weight without the need for exercise and diet, until she saw VelaShape. VelaShape treatment results are showcased in this segment by following a patient - Karen's treatment journey on her post-baby body. The segment also discusses the advantages of the VelaShape treatment vs. Liposuction; VelaShape provides instant body contouring results, through a non-surgical, painless and risk-free treatment. Karen makes an appearance after her 4 VelaShape treatment regiment. She is ecstatic with her VelaShape results and her post-baby body now looks contoured and firm. Karen lost in total 8 pounds and 2 inches around her waist.

Cellulite Smoothing - Harpers Bazaar UK

Harpers bazaar Velashape

At last, I've found cellulite treatments that actually make a difference I can see. Independently approved Velashape combines massage with infrared and skin-firming radio-frequency treatment (in one all-in-one, hand held 'head' that works over your skin), to smooth out and firm up lumpy flash.

It's quick, relatively pain free (it gets a bit hot) and takes just six weeks sessions to make any bottom, stomach, thighs or arms beach-worthy; it's the only treatment course that's seriously impressed me.


Top Body Boosters - Hello! UK
Hello UK Velashape

These hi-tech salon treatments can help you achieve the cellulite-free body of your dreams.

Sometimes, diet and exercise simply aren't enough to get you looking (and feeling) your bikini best. In the past that left only one option: the surgeon's knife. But now there's a range of new lunchtime procedures that target the very body bits most women dislike.

Velashape: Velashape uses high levels of both infrared and radio waves, combined with intense vacuum massage. The collagen fibres in the skin are stretched to increase lymphatic drainage, while fat cells are shrunk, making them less noticeable. The results? Smoother, firmer and more toned skin, with a visible reduction in the appearance of cellulite. The machine can also be used to firm up your chin, stomach and the backs of your arms. No wonder Sharon Stone - still fabulous at 50 - is rumoured to be a fan.

Melboure Bride, Summer 2009

Shrinc Clinc Melbourne Bride magazine

Located within the Endota Spa complex at 69 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Shrinc Clinic is the first Australian boutique beauty salon to offer non-invasive body-reshaping. The FDA approved VelaShape smoothes cellulite and reduces fat using infrared light energy and vacuum and mechanical massage. Enjoy tea served in Wedgwood china and 1000 thread count linens as part of the high-end experience.

oprah magazine velashape
O The Oprah Magazine - US

Lumps and Bumps: Cellulte is a fact of life for about 90% of women. Cellulite is not just regular shapeless fat like you might find on your stomach - in the thigh area, women have fibrous strips of tissue under the surface of the skin that create a sort of tic tac toe pattern. Any fat is pushed up against this grid, which is what causes dimpling. A few high-tech machines are approved by the FDA for a temporary reduction in the appearace of cellulite. The most promising at the moment is VelaShape. Mst doctors say a series of treatments will noticeably smooth bumps, but a touch up is required every three to six months.

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