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Kim Kardashian addresses her Cellulite with Velashape

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Kim Kardashian gets treated with VelaShape
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Jennifer Aniston gets VelaShape

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Jennifer Aniston combats cellulite with VelaShape
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Our Cancellation Policy

Clients are advised that in booking an appointment they are reserving a professional therapist's time and the clinic resources exclusively for their treatment.

We will make every effort to accommodate your re-scheduling needs. However the following cancellation policy applies:

Please note that we are a boutique practice and we make a commitment to a certain number of clients to ensure we can fulfill their treatment schedules. It is therefore unlikely that we can re-fill or reschedule your appointment with short notice.

Reschedule fee option

We understand that on occasion, unforeseen or urgent circumstances may prevent you from attending your appointment, and in these cases a nominal $110 "reschedule fee" can be paid and the appointment can be made-up (limit of 2 occasions). Alternatively, the treatment session can be forfeited.

Payment of fees

Reschedule and cancellation fees will be redeemed off any voucher, series or deposit, or charged to your credit card on file. In the event that the card is declined you agree to honour an invoice for charges incurred due to the cancellation.

Confirmation of appointments

Whilst we will usually remind you 24-48 hours before your appointment as a courtesy, if we do not call you or you do not receive a message from us to remind you, this does not constitute grounds for your non-attendance. Once the time has been made in our appointment system, it is permanently reserved for you unless you notify us otherwise.

If you receive an appointment confirmation message this means a booking exists for you in our system. If you do not plan to attend on the date and time specified, or you feel that you have received the message in error, you must give us notice to cancel the session or a fee may apply.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment

We know you make your booking with good intentions, and we greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation to ensure the clinic can meet its ongoing running costs and maintain the highest quality service for many years to come.

Thank you

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Review our Appointment and Fees policy

Review our Satisfaction Guarantee


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