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Kim Kardashian addresses her Cellulite with Velashape

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Kim Kardashian gets treated with VelaShape
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Jennifer Aniston gets VelaShape

Celebrity News:
Jennifer Aniston combats cellulite with VelaShape
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Media Release
Monday 4th August, 2008

How to REALLY look better naked…

Having already achieved cult status in the US and Europe, the revolutionary VelaShape uses a combination of powerful non-invasive technologies to reduce body size and refine skin texture.  A secret of celebrities , models, brides, post-baby mums and even men, the treatment that gets results in as few as 4 sessions has now arrived in Melbourne.

Discreetly located within the Endota Spa complex in Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Shrinc Clinic is a new boutique beauty salon specialising in the next generation product on the fat and cellulite reduction market - VelaShape.

"We are excited to be the first to offer this new treatment in Melbourne," says Victoria Fox, owner of Shrinc. “We have clients who are fit but just can’t move stubborn fat or cellulite deposits. VelaShape is completely non-invasive  and helps slim, reshape and smooth the body for a better look, in and out of clothes. No drugs, downtime or surgery required – and the best part is that it actually works!”.

Clinically proven to be the standout in the body reshaping market, Velashape is the first and only device to be registered with the US FDA for Circumferential Reduction and is FDA approved for cellulite treatment and approved by the Australian TGA. Based on Syneron’s unique and patented elos technology, VelaShape has proven itself effective through multi-centre clinical trials worldwide, with unmatched results in circumferential reduction of the thighs of at least 1cm reduction; ranging up to 7.2cm in reduction, and marked improvement in the appearance of cellulite.

Skeptical clients quickly come around once they try the treatment –  "I've seen firsthand the fantastic improvement in skin tone from using VelaShape. I was excited to finally find something that works so well, and so quickly. It’s different to everything else I’ve tried – you can feel it working from the first session," says Leanne Tucker, model and VelaShape devotee.

With only a single treatment required per week, VelaShape is perfect for busy, time poor clients.  There is no downtime required, so clients can return to daily activities immediately afterward. With 4-6 sessions recommended  for most patients – results can be enjoyed quickly and comfortably.

Shrinc Clinic is not your average beauty salon either  – the highly-specialised clinic is entirely focused on expert application of the VelaShape cellulite and fat reduction treatment. “Like most other devices, the VelaShape has operator-dependant outcomes,” says Victoria. “Unless the therapist really knows and cares about what they are doing, the clients just won’t get results.”

Victoria started Shrinc when she found it increasingly difficult to find good quality clinics where she was confident the therapist had the knowledge and passion for the treatment they were providing.  The Shrinc philosophy is centred on providing  cutting-edge aesthetic treatments using advanced protocols  administered by talented, caring and professional therapists. The elegant clinics are more 'day-spa' than medical centre - Wedgwood china tea service, 1000 thread-count linens, plasma TVs  and designer furnishings are all part of the high-end experience, located at the Paris end of the city. Other clinic locations are planned.

Shrinc Clinic Melbourne is open by appointment, including before and after-hours, seven days a week.  Complimentary consultations are available by calling 1800 SHRINC [1800 747462].

Shrinc Clinic is located at:
Lower Ground, 69-71 Flinders Lane, Melbourne (through Endota Spa)

For further information visit

Further Information

Facts about cellulite:

About VelaShape:

VelaShape™ features the revolutionary elos combination of Bi-Polar Radiofrequency, Infrared Light Energy, Vacuum and Mechanical Massage.  With clinically proven results, efficacy and safety, the treatment:

The end result is a gradual smoothening of skin's surface with a noticeable reduction in cellulite and circumferential reduction, with noticeable reshaping of the treated area

*Facts and information courtesy of Syneron. Additional information can be found at

Media Relations

Victoria Fox

[email protected]
+61 416 301 666


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