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Treatment Packages & Pricing

How many sessions do I need?

In general, for device-based treatments such as VelaShape, one should anticipate an initial regime of 4-6 sessions, generally with one session completed a week (following your personally prescribed protocol is vitally important for the best results). Any less than 4 sessions will generally not provide a long lasting change, so please be prepared to commit to a program.

Ionithermie can be completed as a series of 1-12 sessions, up to three times weekly for the fastest results. Ionithermie Home Care products are strongly recommended during and after this treatment.

When will I see results?

What is most impressive and exciting about our treatments is that improvements are usually seen within the first one or two sessions. Response to treatment does, of course, vary between patients and it may take more treatments to achieve desired results.

How much does it cost?

We understand that our clients want value when it comes to investing in the health and the appearance of their body. Value does not mean cheap, it means quality gained for the investment.

Shrinc base treatment costs on the time required to treat and achieve desired results in the nominated areas. If we deem necessary, you may be treated with 1-3 different pieces of aesthetic equipment in your session, and this attracts no additional charge. If time permits, we may be able to cover several (or extra) body areas for no additional charge. Sometimes two therapists will treat you in tandem. All at no additional cost to you.

A full consult is required to assess areas for treatment and determine exact pricing. The price of one standard session varies from $300 to $450, with generous discounts applied to package purchases. Most clients complete a program of 6 treatments over 6 weeks at a cost of around $1800-$3000.

Ionithermie is an excellent option for those on a budget, with single sessions available at only $220. Further discounts for package purchases.

Please contact us on 1800 747462 to arrange a complimentary consultation for an exact quote, or book online [Click Here]

How do I know this will work?

Shrinc is committed to providing the highest standards of quality in Aesthetics. Our equipment and treatment protocols are state-of-the-art. Our qualified therapists are trained to the highest standards and each hold extensive experience in the health, beauty and/or medical fields.

We have a very careful patient selection process and an excellent success and satisfaction rate with our treatments. However, due to the complex nature of each individual's body, genetics and lifestyle, it would be unethical to guarantee perfect or even good results from our treatments.

To safeguard our clients, and to protect the reputation of the Clinic, Shrinc offer a money-back guarantee to new clients if progress or improvement is unsatisfactory after the first session.

Come in for a consultation and see why this is just one of the many reasons clients are choosing Shrinc. Book Online Here

What maintenance is required?

As the effects of aging, hormones or a stressed diet or lifestyle are out of our control, we recommended a top-up session every three to six months (your individual needs, budget and lifestyle will determine how often maintenance is required).

Following our recommended home care regime and lifestyle advice will maximise results and keep you looking your best in the long term.

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