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Nutrition and Weight loss

Shrinc has qualified and experienced health professionals on board to maximise and maintain your body treatment results. Whether you are looking to shed excess weight, improve your health or just look better and younger, Shrinc has nutritionist developed programs for weight loss and wellness.

Nutrition and dietetic, counselling and support is provided in a warm and understanding environment. Improvements in overall health and wellbeing can be seen through small changes that can be made with the guidance and support of a professional. A range of conditions can be impacted on by dietary changes, including: diabetes, high cholesterol, irritable bowel syndrome, over weight and obesity, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and many more.

We also stock practitioner-only and very high quality supplements and vitamins including BioCeuticals and Pharmafoods, and the delicious Monavie range of nutritional beverages.

All of our advice is specifically tailored for Shrinc clients - and if you are looking for fast results, we have intensive, effective options to take advantage of the metabolic effect of our body treatments and shed those unwanted kilos fast.

Although treatments such as VelaShape have been proven to work without diet and exercise changes, a holistic approach is best for enhanced and long term results. Contact us to discuss your needs.



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