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Compare VelaShape™ to Accent, Ultrashape, Endermologie, Thermage etc

If you are seeking a non-invasive approach to reduce cellulite and fat, the VelaShape may be your best option. It is the first FDA cleared medical device for cellulite and for circumferential reduction. It accomplished these approvals when other devices failed to receive them.

When performed correctly on the right candidate, the VelaShape does accomplish visible results in 4 to 6 treatments. The VelaShape advantage is its technology. VelaShape combines 4 energies that work synergistically: heat from bi-polar radio-frequency, infrared light, vacuum suction and mechanical massage. This patented and sophisticated combination is known as ELOS, delivering light and heat to the optimal depth for cellulite and fat reduction, with a lower and more controlled energy output than used by most other systems.

The end result is a comfortable treatment that is safe to use on all skin types, with longer lasting results that are fast to appear, and often quite dramatic. Today, there are no other methods available that include a combination of energies like VelaShape.

Current body reshaping and cellulite treatment alternatives

We would be happy to meet with you and discuss our treatments in more detail, but we also strongly suggest you do your own research before undergoing any cosmetic treatment.

The following list is not intended as an 'unbiased review' of competing treatments. It is based on personal research, experience and opinions of the clinic, and the feedback and opinions of our clients and ther people we have met (some consumers, some medical practitioners and some industry professionals). We have also conducted our own in-clinic trials on a number of the systems.

This list highlights and reinforces some of the reasons why Shrinc specifically decided on the VelaShape and SS (and didn't purchase the others).

VelaSmooth™ by Syneron (featuring ELOS technology)

VelaSmooth uses the same basic technology as VelaShape but at a lower power level. We consider the result more superficial/temporary. The 16-20 treatment protocol requires patients to undergo sessions twice weekly. The device is not FDA approved for circumferential reduction/body reshaping but it is approved for cellulite reduction. This previous generation model from Syneron has now been superseded by VelaShape. Don't be fooled by the lower session cost, you will need at least 3 times as many sessions to achieve results that may not be as good as what you might acheive with VelaShape. VelaSmooth is old news - we say if you are going to do this, go with the best available (ehm, we mean VelaShape!).

LipoMassage® or Endermologie® using Cellu M6 Keymodule® by LPG

Uses massage/suction only – no heating for skin tightening and fat cell shrinkage. Treatment is 2-3 sessions per week, 20 to 24 treatments. Requires patient to wear a body stocking. Not FDA approved for circumferential reduction. In our opinion, Endermologie provides a great drainage massage given how quickly technology is advancing, we feel that this technology is just too old to compete in the current market.


Approved for Doctor use only (or use under Doctor's directions), this sophisticated and massively expensive device uses high-frequency, focused ultrasound waves to zone in on fat cells and break them. There is no stimulation of lymphatics to encourage the body to push out the broken cells, which is why you are prescribed exercise or massage afterwards. Waves work on fat, not collagen, so no skin tightening/toning effect or collagen regeneration. Only approved for circumference reduction, not cellulite. This treatment is very expensive (circa $1000 per treatment per area - inner thigh is 'one area'). Most clinics offering the procedure do not guarantee any results.

Accent XL™ by Alma

The Accent uses Radiofrequency (RF) energy only. No infrared, massage or suction to help heat penetrate to the fat layer or stimulate lymphatic system for removal of fats and fluids. Not FDA approved for fat reduction, body reshaping or cellulite reduction (approved for reduction in wrinkles only). Uses very high RF frequency and wattage (some in the industry consider the amount of power dangerous and noxious) but despite this there is little evidence the treatment gets deep enough to actually affect fat cells.


BellaContour is an external application of ultrasound that is applied to the skin. Their website claims that the BellaContour is FDA approved “for enhancing muscular blood flow and reducing joint pain and reducing cellulite”. The frequency range used by this device is what is typically used to treat sports injuries. It does not appear to be in the range for reducing fat content. Additionally, the ultrasonic energy is not High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU - the good stuff). Device does not appear to be backed by any clinical trials. This machine appears to be on the menu at FatZap.

Lipotron™ 3000

Uses Radio Frequency technology - no suction or lymphatic stimulation to remove waste products. The manufacturer suggests 10 treatments are required for most conditions. Does not appear to have any FDA approval for any purpose. The clinical studies for this device at did not control weight - ie. client lost 10-15cm from waist but also lost 5-10kg during the study so further studies may be required.


Uses Radio Frequency technology to heat collagen and fat (no Infrared, massage or suction to help heat penetrate to fat layer). The RF is Monopolar - meaning it doesn't travel from one side of the treatment tip to the other (as in Bi-Polar technology. The current goes through your body to a grounding plate and can be quite painful. We prefer the highly controlled nature of BiPolar RF. Thermage is also very expensive - it can be several thousand dollars per session. FDA cleared for wrinkle treatment and temporary improvement of cellulite (not body reshaping). We think our systems can do all of the above, more comfortably, at a lower cost for you, the client.

Mesotherapy™ and Lipodissolve™

These treatments are marketed as safe, minimally invasive "fat dissolving" injections. While this procedure goes by many names (e.g., Lipostabil®, Lipodissolve, Lipo-zap, Flab-Jab, Mesotherapy, Lipotherapy, Injection Lipolysis) they all multiple injections of a toxic liquid designed to destroy fat cells. The experimental procedure is not approved or licenced for cosmetic use. It has not been cleared by the FDA nor there have been studies indicating its effectiveness. There is no standard ingredient list. Many of the individual ingredients are not FDA-approved on their own, not to mention as part of a chemical cocktail. The procedure is banned for cosmetic purposes in many countries including Brazil. There are class action cases being heard in the US against lipodissolve providers.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reports that infection, disfiguring masses of inflamed tissue and tissue necrosis (death) can occur after lipodissolve. It can also result in indentations and divets and permanent discolouration. We hate Lipodissolve! Please don't risk it - you can never be sure what is being injected or how your body will respond. The fact that a Surgeon Doctor or Nurse is injecting does not guarantee your safety.

If you have a complaint about this procedure it can be lodged with the following regulatory bodies:
QLD Health Quality & Complaints Commission
NSW Health Care Complaints Commission
VIC Office of the Health Services Commissioner
SA Health and Community Services Complaints Commissioner
WA Office of Health Review
TAS Health Complaints Commissioner
ACT Human Rights Commission
NT Health and Community Services Complaints Commission


Invasive surgical procedure which extracts fat from under the skin. Liposuction debulks the deeper fat depots in the treated zone: areas that ultrasound or infrared/RF cannot reach properly. Whilst excellent for large volume fat removal, it only addresses the deepest layer of fat (not the bumpy fat just under the skin) and does involve down time (for recovery) swelling, bruising and cutting/scarring. Not effective for cellulite reduction and may exacerbate the cosmetic problem. VelaShape is often used after this procedure to help even out irregularities and tighten skin.

Laser Lipolysis or SmartLipo™

Laser Lipolysis is a procedure that 'liquefies' fat cells using a laser inserted under the skin. The laser provokes the breaking up of the membranes of the fat cells, transforming them into an oily substance that is either removed by subsequent liposuction, or absorbed and eliminated by the body. Although less invasive than traditional liposuction, it is still considered surgery, therefore, it carries the same risks as most surgeries, and some specific to the procedure itself.

How VelaShape works

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