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About Shrinc Clinic™ | Melbourne's Destination Body and Skin Enhancement Service

Shrinc is proud to be Australia's first boutique aesthetic clinic focused solely on non-surgical, non-invasive and holistic solutions for refining, reshaping and enhancing the skin and body.

Located in the heart of Melbourne city, our unique offerings and outstanding service have seen us featured in multiple magazines and media programs over our 3 year history, and attracted hundreds of clients, from international celebrities to Melbourne's discerning cognoscenti.

Our Treatments

Shrinc specialise in clinically supported, medical-grade treatments for cosmetic conditions such as cellulite, fat deposits, stretchmarks and sagging skin, backed with lifestyle advice and nutritional supplementation to maximise results and optimise health and wellness.

Whether you are looking to detox, tone up, lose weight or dramatically reshape your body, Shrinc will develop a customised program based on your requirements and schedule.

Shrinc are the first clinic to offer VelaShape™ in Melbourne. With over 10,000 people a day worldwide getting treated with the technology, it is the standout device in body reshaping and Shrinc are proud to bring their years of experience with the technology to Melbourne.

Shrinc are also the first and only clinic in Melbourne offering the Australian designed SS™ system for skin tightening and body contouring with High Intensity Focused UltraSound (HIFU) and BiPolar RadioFrequency (RF).

Our Team and Protocols

Our team is comprised of some of the Australia'a best therapists and health care practitioners, led by owner and director, Victoria Fox. Our therapists are specialists in aesthetics, health and nutrition. We will not recommend any treatment or product that is not right for you, and that we have not tried and verified.

We provide thorough consultation and evaluation for all candidates to ensure they are suitable for treatment, and to determine individual goals. We will explain any procedure in full, including what the expected results will be and any risks or side effects so that you can make a fully informed decision.

Note that devices such as VelaShape have operator-dependant outcomes - the therapist must follow specific clinical guidelines and techniques to achieve the best result. Shrinc are expertly trained and highly experienced in these therapies, using advanced proprietary protocols to maximise results. At Shrinc, you can feel confident that your body is always under the care of a skilled professional and that your treatments are optimised for the very best outcome possible.

Our Guarantee

At Shrinc, we believe that the better you look, the better we look! Your satisfaction is our top priority, and although we want you to be happy with our customer service, we know that at the end of the day, you are coming to us for tangible results.

We offer all new clients a 100% money back guarantee - if you don't already start to look better after your aesthetic treatment, you will be refunded that treatment in full, OR we will redo it for you again for free.

All of our nutrition programs are also guaranteed - if you aren't smaller or lighter after your first week following our program, we will refund you in full (simply return the unused products) OR we will give you an extra week for free.

Read more about our unique guarantees here.

Our Clinic

Shrinc offer an elegant environment for our clients within the serene Endota Spa complex - and a discreet entrance so that your visits to the clinic remain private.

In addition to designer robes and fine linens, our treatment rooms are fit with ipod docks, flat screen TVs and DVD players - please feel free to bring your own ipod or DVDs to enjoy during treatment, or choose from our selection. A selection of fine teas are provided for your enjoyment. We also carry the latest edition of most women's, men's and lifestyle magazines. See some images of our clinic below.

Our Product Suite

Professional product lines such as CosMedix Cosmeceutical Skincare and Body Care, Aspect Skincare, BioCeuticals premium supplements, IsoWhey nutritional products and artisan Tea Forte herbal teas all complement your Shrinc experience.

For clients who need or want to lose excess weight, our supervised weight loss programs are fast acting, delivered by qualified caring practitioners and feature premium supplementation. All of our therapists are trained Ultra Lite consultants and will provide all of the tools and emotional support you need to make you look and feel the best you can be, at the weight and size that is right for your body.

Shrinc strongly endorse CosMedix Peels and skin care - all of our therapists use CosMedix and have personally witnessed the transformation possible using this highly effective range. Personal and complimentary consultations are available to discuss your skin care needs (bookings essential).


Please review our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information. If you have any other questions regarding Shrinc services please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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